Hello out there!

In September 1989, a group of improvisational enthusiasts joined together to create the Impromaniacs. Legend has it that the concept was inspired by a founding father’s dream in which Elvis appeared (naked) and told Clark M. Clark that he should create a group that would “excite and energize Victorians”.

In April 1992, the Impromaniacs officially became the Impromaniacs Theatre Company Society. Since that time, we have been a registered non-profit society.

Our dynamic theatre company continually grows, expands and just plain changes with new players, alternative venues, solid commitment and a healthy dose of fun.

Adored at public venues we have also been spotted at private gigs such as birthday parties, Christmas parties, weddings, and the occasional bar mitzvah, harassing guests and food alike. If your waiter does something strange at a company gathering, be careful, it may be one of us!!

The Impromaniacs Theatre Company Society does not have any paying positions. All funds from performances by the Impromaniacs Theatre Company Society contribute to the troupe’s continued existence, furthering the development of the troupe and its members.