Ever since their inception in 1989, the Impromaniacs have been making audiences of Victoria laugh their pants off.. well, not really laugh them “off”… it’s an expression… not to be taken seriously…

Right, well, here are the cast members…

Briana* — A Quotation

With the miniscule amount of time not spent “working”, Briana manages to cram in a ton of activities. These range from buying new toques to fattening up her roommates with Ukrainian gastronomy. Weird as a David Lynch flick, this chick has a hard time convincing anyone of her normalcy. Bestowed with such literary puns as “Right as Rayner”, meaning everything is all wrong, she is loved by many (well three for sure).

*This bio was written & submitted by her roomies, and may be misleading in all kinds of ways. But probably not.

Diane — Steadfast

Part Teacher, part Stunt Woman — Diane juggles the two lives with ease. When asked how she manages it all, she answers “What?! You saying I can’t do it! I’LL SHOW YOU! COME ON! STEP OUTSIDE!!!”

Jonathan — Insane

Known for his bad impersonations of beady eyed Scottish men, Jonathan has been hanging around the Impromaniacs since September 1990. He’s worn many hats over the years, and is currently one of four Performance Directors giving orders to anyone who will follow them. Jonathan’s background in Acting is limited to his work with the Impromaniacs… in real life, Jonathan is a ComputerEngineer who slaves away for Fujitsu Consulting, here in Victoria, BC.

Silvia — Traveller

Silvia was born amougst a pack of wild Russian Gypsies. Cast out at an early age, Silvia learned to survive by imitating small animals such as Racoons. She was taken in by a family who felt sorry for her when they discovered her going through their recycling bin. When asked what they think of her, people say “Huh?!”.

Morgan— Road Block

Morgan è un decesdent dell’albero della quercia. Sappia affinchè la sua capacità respingano gli automobili imminenti, Morgan sceglie vivere una vita calma che funziona nelle foreste di BC.

Steve— Mostly Harmless

When Steve isn’t redefining the alphabet or making obscure references to hockey players or 1970’s TV shows, he can usually be found reading through his complete collection of Dr. Seuss books. Steve has been with the Impromanaics since early 2001, and has taken on the responisibility of Publicity Director, mainly because he owns a fax machine. He is also the troupe’s most illegible bachelor (and we have handwriting samples to prove it).