Saturday, May 19, 2007


What an excellent evening of improv!

It came down to AKA Improv and the Storytellers Improv Co.... a tough choice had to be made by the audience as both teams brought great stories to the stage.

For the second year in a row, doing a solo Improv with the assistance of Aaron Read on violin, Dave Morris of the Storytellers took with match with a story inspired by the audience suggestion of Helter Skelter!

The Impromaniacs would like to thank all their sponsors, guests and people in Victoria who came out during the match to support us!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


VICTORIA – Get Ready to Rumble, it’s time for the CAGE MATCH FINALS!
May 17th at the Victoria Event Centre is the ultimate battle for Cage Match supremacy! After several gruelling rounds, we’ve narrowed the teams down to the best of the best. A.K.A. Improv (Vancouver) and Storytellers (Vancouver) are ready to duke it out in the ring for audience votes and see who tips the scale and becomes CAGE MATCH CHAMPIONS 2007!!

“This match is not to be missed” says Media Liaison, Michelle Chowns. “It’s going to be a tough decision for our audience. These teams have been through the gauntlet! They’ve wowed the audience every time, bringing the very best in improv to the stage.”

Audiences will be the determining factor, choosing who wins big and who gets the boot! This competition will be fierce as Storytellers defend their title against their friends and rivals A.K.A. Don’t miss out on this incredible night of one of kind entertainment!

Before the competition kicks off, the Impromaniacs will bring you short scenes and theatre games.

Where: Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad Street
When: One night only! – Thursday May 17th@ 8:00 pm
How much: $10/ $8 for students/seniors

Tickets will be available at the door (cash only), or in advance from Lyle's Place (770 Yates Street - also cash only).

In an effort to keep theatre affordable, if you buy your tickets in advance we'll give you 3 bucks off the regular ticket price!

For more information, please contact Media Liaison, Michelle Chowns at, 250.388.3658.


The Impromaniacs are a registered non-profit society, and have been providing entertainment to Victoria and the world since 1989.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Cage Match Results Round #7

A.K.A. Improv (Vancouver) vs. Upfront Theatre (aka Red Flagged)
Thanks to our Cage Match guests for making the trek and duking it out! Once the dust settled, and the stage was mopped the audience had a tough decisionto make. Only one team could be triumphant...

*A.K.A. Improv
will be moving onto the final round Thursday May 17th, 8p.m. at the Victoria Event Centre.

This Match is not to be missed!
Be There To Decide Who wins

A.K.A. Improv
Storytellers Improv Co. (2006 champions)