Saturday, March 25, 2006

And you thought your family was weird.

VICTORIA - On Thursday, April 13th the Impromaniacs, Victoria's longest running improv ensemble, start their all-ages show in a typical family portrait pose, and let the mayhem ensue from there.

"In family portraits everyone looks sweet and happy and like they like one another." says Impromaniacs performer Briana Rayner. "They mask the madness that lies within."

In this long form, the ensemble will take a suggestion from the audience and tells the story of the family they create.

"We can end up with weird uncles, dodgy kids, and deranged cousins, " says Managing Director Jonathan Argue. "It's just like real life."

Before launching into the chaos of family life, the performers will bring you short scenes and theatre games. Either way they'll bring you laughter, just don't forget to be on your best behaviour and say "cheese".

What: Impromaniacs present Family Portrait
Where: Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad Street – right across from the A-Channel
When: Thursday, April 13th, 2006 @ 8:00 pm (90 minute run, includes one 15 minute intermission)
How much: $10/ $8 for students/seniors.
Tickets available at: Lyle's Place – 770 Yates Street

In an effort to keep theatre affordable, if you buy your tickets in advance we'll give you 3 bucks off the regular ticket price!

The Impromaniacs would like to thank Alistair Cook, Artistic Director, !nstant Theatre Company (Vancouver, BC) for bringing this !nstant Theatre developed form to our repertoire.

For more information contact Managing Director, Jonathan Argue,, 250 388 3658.

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Anonymous said...

How did the show turn out?

Its a great concept - A family consists of so many crazy people!