Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adrian Taverner

Congratulations, Jonathan and the gang!  Long live the 'Maniacs!  "Don't act.  Be."  Committing to the role has taken me from Victoria to New York, and now I'm writing, editing, mixing, shooting, producing and directing in the film industry both in Vancouver and NYC.  My involvement with the 'Maniacs in VIIF '04, and on the epic road trip to Ryan Stiles' improv theatre, made it ok to pursue life just a little over the top.  You'll never know how far you can go 'til you've been there, and the support and encouragement I found in our intrepid troupe made committing to that course not only easier, but essential.  The farther I go, the more I see that everyone, no matter how huge & successful, is just like us (or wants to be), so don't waste time thinking about trying.  Don't act.  Be.

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