Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Impromaniacs! Nominated for The "M" Awards!!

Monday Magazine's "M" Awards are just around the bend! Please show your support for your local artists and vote for your favourites!

The Impromaniacs! are thrilled to have been nominated for "Favourite Comedy Act"! 2006 was a busy year for our improvisers. With monthly performances at the Victoria Event Centre, The Impromaniacs have been keeping on their toes, and in fantastically funny form. Creators and host of The Victoria International Improv Festival '06, The Impromaniacs hosted a wealth world class of talent, with performers travelling from as far away as Slovenia! A hilarious time was had by all!!
Such a successful year could only be topped by...well, an "M" Award of course!
(That's where you come in)
Show your support for Victoria's Premiere Improv Troupe, The Impromaniacs!

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