Sunday, December 12, 2010

Darren Borrowman

 Hi Jonathan,

I am sorry for not getting back to you earlier. As always, life is busy, but I have been racking my brain trying to think of a special memory, or hilarious moment from the Impromaniacs, but had a hard time. Maybe you want to simply use this email.
I can't think of a specific moment during my time with the Impromaniacs that stood out, because the entire time was really special. All of the different members that I rehearsed and performed with had their own hilarity and amusements.

From joining during the SINGE festival in.... ummm.... was it 1997? Ulp. I don't know. I think I was in Grade 11 or 12. Diane Hyashi was the one that introduced me, being the Japanese teacher at my high school. But I didn't take Japanese. So I don't actually remember at the moment, just how I got involved.

Anyway, after the SINGE, I was invited to be a member of the Impromaniacs. I ended up being a member for over 3 solid years.

It was a lot of fun, rehearsing every week in Fernwood. Myuki, Diane's daughter, was 5(ish?) and would sit in on all of the rehearsals, often stealing focus. Somehow, I ended up being called 'Geronimo'.

We'd perform at Mocambos, where the 'stage' was the size of my bathtub (-which is small), and being at the entrance to the coffee shop, anytime someone entered during the show, they unwittingly ended up being a part of the scene.

After the shows, some of us would go out for a beverage, often of the alcoholic variety. I am pretty sure that I was still underage, but I seem to remember burning my lips on a flaming sambuca and dancing to "You and me Baby ain't nothing but mammals" in the Sticky Wicket with Andrea, Todd and Kim.
Hehehheheheh. Good times.
Or working at Helmcken House with Marc Vermette, Andrea and Kim. Wow. 2 great christmasses. And it was very Christmassy.
Later, after I had left Victoria (and by result, the Impromaniacs), I ended up travelling to Europe with Kim and Andrea. Sure, we didn't stay together for the whole trip, but the times we were together were fantastic! Later, Jonathan came to visit me in Cardiff, and we toured around a bit.
I think that what I am most happy about from my experience and time with the Impromaniacs is that it introduced me to a whole bunch of really great people, who, although I may not see on a regular basis, have shared something special.

This may have been a trip, a night out at the bar, a performance on a closet-sized stage, or just a laugh before rehearsal.  But these times and these people ended up being a big part of my formative adult years. And it was a really great influence.
I went to one of the shows in October, and loved seeing new people performing familiar improv scenes. I was completely blown away by the second half of the show- long format improv. We had just started thinking about this when I was involved (and this is now nearing 10 years ago). I has evolved and grown so much within the Impromaniacs, and all of the performers in the scene did a fantastic job of staying in it, and tying all of the scenes and characters together, while keeping it funny.
I am really happy that the Impromaniacs is still around. I have a feeling that this is largely due to you, Jonathan. Thank you and congratulations!
I hope to be over to Victoria soon, and will certainly let you know if I do.

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