Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jonathan Argue

I joined the Impromaniacs in September 1990 at the urging of a friend, Cole Penny.  Cole and I had met at an Improv class that was being taught by Kate Rubin and Paddy Crawford in the Spring of 1990.  So, we show up at an Impromaniacs workshop at the Fernwood Community Association on a Saturday morning... and basically, they didn't kick us out.  My "initiation" to the group was to participate in "hot seat" - you stand in the middle of the circle and face each person on the outside of the circle one at a time.  They can ask you one question which you must answer truthfully.  Of all the questions asked, the only one I remember today is James McKillop's question "Would you have sex with a cow for 1 Million dollars?".

As of 2009, I will have been involved with the group for going on 19 years... so I guess that says how much this group means to me, doesn't it?

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