Sunday, December 12, 2010

Julian Polzin

Hi Jonathan and Impromaniacs! 20 years wow!

Congratulations. In thinking of what to write as far as memories go, was for me, much more difficult then I had anticipated. A few things always stood out for me and I have finally gathered enough of my thoughts to share what I was a part of from I think week two of the Impromaniacs being created. One particular show we did at the Belfry Theatre which amazed me, involved one of our members James Mckillop. He was simply going back to his seat to sit down. Nothing more, and nothing less. It was the opening and each member would come out and be introduced then grab their seat sort of thing. James was in the green room and missed his calling by only a few moments and when he came out he literally just walked over to his seat and sat down. The audience started laughing because well James even in just walking to his seat was funny. I distinctly remember thinking "wow" if this guy can get laughs just for sitting down then this improv stuff is up my alley. I loved the energy and the explosiveness of what could be created and living "in the moment". I then went on from Impromaniacs to partake in a great deal of projects and other Improv groups.

Someone asked me once if I knew Jonathan Argue and I laughed and said do I know him, well if it in part was not for me he would never "possibly" have become an impromaniacs member. I was working at Overtime a restaurant beside the arena known as the "Barn on Blanshard." One of the servers that I worked with was named Cole Penny and I thought he was funny. I told him he was an improviser and just didn't know it yet. He came out to a couple of rehearsals and although it did not rock his world, he brought out a young fellow at the time who took a great interest in the Impromaniacs. That fellow was Jonathan Argue!

So I will always enjoy the links of the past and present and will always have the highest regard for the people that made Impromanics what it was, and what it is today. I love the fun, friends, and memories and want to thank all of you kindred spirits that I had the blessing to share many fantastic improv moments with. Congratulations!

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