Sunday, December 12, 2010

Robert Conway

Back in 1990, I was in rehearsals for a play that was in Langford with a fellow named Alexander.  Alexander and I, both living downtown, would carpool to rehearsals together, and on one of these drives he mentioned he was with an improv troupe called the Impromaniacs.  "What's improv?" I asked innocently.  He suggested I come see an upcoming show at the Belfry theatre, and my life was forever changed.  Watching Julian, James, Clark, Erin, Bill and others strut there unscripted stuff onstage, I felt the clouds part and the God-light shine down on me.  "I can do that!"  I announced to my girlfriend "Hell, I DO do that!"  With little encouragement needed, I found out when and where the group met and within a week I was a member.  One of the last members, as  I recall, that was able to join simply because I was willing to show up Saturdays at 9:AM to rehearse.  My first show with the group was one of many shows at Fisher 100, Camosun College.  After I rolled up my shirt and thrusted about the stage as Madonna in a game of Roll With, one of my fellow performers looked at me offstage and said "Man, you were born to this."  I spent just over 2 short, great years with the Impromaniacs, leaving when I moved to Vancouver.  Since then, I have been a member of the Vancouver TheatreSports League and Courtenay's TheatreWorks Comedy Troupe.  I co-founded the short-lived Caught in the Headlights in Nanaimo and have guest appeared with Spilt Milk on many occasions, but you never forget your first love.  Congratulations, Impromaniacs on 20 years.  May you have 100 more.  -Robert Conway

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