Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scott Fidyk

I met my wife, Connie, during an IMPROMANIACS practice many years ago. We hit it off during a scene and it/she made an indelible impression on me that prompted me to remain in touch with her long after she had left.
Cut to years later and we now have three children, mostly charming, partially innocent and all very silly. Must be from her side of the family.
My memories are mixed of those early years:
    • I was a member of two groups back then and in a big hurry to learn as much about this craft as I could. I recall toting around a notebook and writing copious notes.
    • Roy (Langdon), Elvy Del Bianco and Bill Nance and I seemed to connect well together on stage. We enjoyed each others company.
    • I recall Roy being one of the most creative talents I had ever encountered. He would not suffer fools though and as such did not get along with everyone. He had a tendency to ruffle feathers.
    • Elvy was street smart and savvy in a small "p" politic kind of way.
    • Bill was a wild card, off on a tangent in one breath and absolutely brilliant the next. You never knew what you were going to get with him, which was both a blessing and a curse. Oscillate wildly.
    • I learned to play in between all of them, tending to bind the story together, linking the creative brilliance of Bill or Roy with the tech talk of Elvy.

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