Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shannon Whissell

Before I even moved to Victoria, when I was in the city house hunting, my friend Morgan told me he was going to an improv audition that week and invited me to come along. So we went, and we had fun, and the next thing I knew I was living in Victoria and part of this amazing, fun, creative pack of people who had real lives but came togther to express themselves and entertain others.

Being a part of the Impromaniacs provide me with the most amazing transition to my new home, created friendships I still cherish, and reconnected me with the ham I'd forgotten I love to be! And, I get to be the person who sees Briana Rayner or Morgan Cranny or numerous other Impromaniacs who now pop up around town and on TV and say "I knew them when!" Trips to Vancouver's TheatreSports, workshops with great improvisers here in Victoria, and being involved with planning the first Victoria International Improv Festival have all contributed to my loving Victoria and being connected here. Even though I've moved on, I'll always value the people who taught me to BRING IT!

Keep on bringing the laughs, Impromaniacs, the impact you have continues to build after all these years!

"YES LET'S" (or is that "yes, and"? ... I always did get that wrong).
XO Shannon

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